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9 months have passed, the discovery of a new life beginning inside you and you have given
birth to the most loved and precious thing in the world, a tiny new person. In a matter of
hours this little person will begin to change and grow. You look at your baby and are filled
with so much wonder and amazement at their beauty and size, wanting to treasure every
little detail. Your newborn baby will only be this tiny for a short period of time and it is
important to capture that time before it passes you by.

Babies are cute no matter when they are photographed. However, if you really want
those sweet, curly poses then 1-14 days old is the best time to have your newborn baby
photographed. Newborns photographed in those first two weeks of life outside the womb
still possess many of their womb like tendencies and don’t tend to mind being cuddled and
curled up to be photographed. If you must wait until later you will still be able to capture your
sweet baby’s features in natural , sleepy and awake photographs.

When should I schedule my session? – I would recommend scheduling your session as soon
as possible. Once you find out you are expecting and you decide which photographer you
would like to go with, I would schedule then. Even though your photographer might not
be booked that far in advance, it will be one less thing to worry about. I offer a variety of
packages aimed at newborns including sessions conducted in the first 24-48 hours in the
hospital, meeting the family, new siblings and of course newborn photography conducted in
your home or at my home studio.

What to expect: Newborn sessions require patience, gentle care and to work around your
little ones needs. Newborn sessions take between 2 and 4 hours including feeding, settling,
posing and more of the same. All the props, wraps, cute beanies and snugly blankets are
provided and lovingly cleaned after each session.