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Birth Photography is not for everyone, however to capture the raw emotions of those first
precious moments, the overflowing of love for this new tiny person, the love and connection
between a couple as they become parents to a new unique individual is awe inspiring. Birth
Photography is one of the most amazing things I have had to opportunity to do.

Having Keepsake Photography capturing your new baby’s grand entrance into this world,
allows you and your partner to focus solely on each other and the new life you are bringing
into the world. It gives you the time to absorb, all that you can of the miracle you have made
and not be worrying about fumbling with a camera in one hand while the other is being
squeezed, used to stroke the head of the amazing woman before you or wiping her brow.
Birth photography is best booked as soon as possible so we can pencil in your due date
and allow time a week either side for early and late arrivals. At the time of your booking we
will discuss the best times to call when you go into labour and what images you are hoping
to capture and ones you wish to not have taken. I happily become an additional support
person, brow wiper and drink collector when needed. I am a big sook and will get all teary
when you meet your new baby for the very first time.