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Pregnancy is such an amazing time for both a woman and that of her partner, husband and families lives. Your body goes through miraculous changes to create a new little person. Capturing this event is something spectacular, something I consider so important.

I have very few images from my first pregnancy with my darling daughter, I look at them in amazement at what my body had achieved and feel such pride and joy.

For my sons pregnancy I got my little assistant (aka child 1) to take pictures of my bump every few weeks. I love these images and hold them very close to my heart.

Capturing this momentous journey into motherhood is something so wonderful to be a part of. There is nothing more beautiful than then pregnant form. Maternity photographs can be taken in a modern, tasteful, relaxed setting.

The best time to photograph a pregnant belly is between 30-35 weeks, so contact Keepsake Photography and book your maternity session so you too can treasure images of your pregnancy/s.